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PTC Systems is a pioneering structured cabling company delivering innovative solutions with award winning service and support

PTC is committed to Health and Safety

The Company is committed to the Health & Safety of all those persons directly or indirectly affected by the operations of the Company and has a policy in place to ensure that any risk associated with these operations is kept to the absolute minimum.

The last few years has seen a massive growth in the construction sector and commensurately in the IT infrastructure cabling sector. There has been a particular growth in the residential sector which has created a lot of employment and growth  for all trades involved.

This growth has also required an upturn in companies responsibilities in their Health & Safety compliance and processes. The legislation is getting more demanding quite rightly,  but this comes at a cost.

PTC  has always taken our Health & Safety requirements extremely seriously and have  always used external consultants to ensure full objective compliance at all times. As the construction sector grows, the Health & Safety compliance  grows exponentially. PTC will never compromise on Health & Safety, never has and never will. We choose to work with contractors that will not compromise on Health & Safety either. It is a differentiator for both of us.

The output from contractors that don’t realise and understand the real cost of Health & Safety compliance could be dangerous and far reaching. We cant be part of that. Delivery is everything, Quality is everything and so is price, but not at a potentially dangerous cost. The difference between price and cost sometimes.

The long term commercial gain for the contractors that work and think the same way, will be many fold. End user clients will come back to companies that deliver on time, to the quality that is required and to outfits with a good Health & Safety track record.